Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

I m having so much fun this year! Each week is always packed with things to and serious.

Moomba Festival:

 choco (pics not ready:p)

Cakes at Chapel st

Potluck at Poh Sun's place

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Night market at Queen Victoria

Wednesday was the last day for the night market at Queen Vict. That means it is the end of summer. Autumn will officially arrive in March.

We had a great time at the market. I missed the night market last year so I had to go this year. The many food stalls from different nationalities were simply amazing. Love the diversity. In Singapore we have four major racial groups...but in get to see much more. Really love it here! They also had other stalls like handicraft and massage...but food is more appealing to me...heehee...

Anyway, Keiko, Hannah and I had yummy choco crepes with ice-cream. Lovely! And Hannah bought some veg rice and prata from India...yummy too.

Finally, we ended the night with dancing...something that I have never done (in public):p They had an African group performing on stage. The music was great! People were dancing and enjoying did we!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back in Melbourne again

Have not been blogging for a long time. Was back in Singapore...too distracted to blog. Anyway, I am back in Melbourne. My last lapse in Melbourne. Check out my new room at grad house. Old, small and simple but comfortable!

Learn how to make dessert too:o)

Keiko introduced me to a new dessert...her own version of 'chocobanana' which is a very popular summer snack in Japan. Yummy!